Principal Investigator

Dr. Aaron Young

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Kinsey Herrin

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Inseung Kang

Research Scientist


Dr. Amy Pan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Max Shepherd

Postdoctoral Fellow

Doctoral Students

Krishan Bhakta

Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Dawit Lee

Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Dean Molinaro

Ph.D. Student, Robotics

Ben Shafer

Ph.D. Student, Robotics

Aakash Bajpai

Ph.D. Student, Robotics

Jennifer Leestma

Ph.D. Student, Robotics

Keaton Scherpereel

Ph.D. Student, Robotics

Jairo Maldonado

Ph.D. Student, Robotics

Justine Powell

Ph.D. Student, Robotics

Christoph Nuesslein

Incoming Ph.D. Student

Dongho Park

Incoming Ph.D. Student

Master's Students

Emily Upton

M.S. Student, Bioengineering

Sixu (Jason) Zhou

M.S. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Reese Peterson

M.S. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Ian Cullen

M.S. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Students

There are several ways for undergraduates students to contribute to research in the EPIC Lab.  Most Georgia Tech undergraduates begin their work in the lab though the Georgia Tech Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program.  Many of our undergraduates who begin their research through the VIP Program have received fellowships to aid in their research through the Petit Undergraduate Research Scholars Program and the President’s Undergraduate Research Awards.  Undergraduates from Georgia Tech or other institutions who are interested in summer research opportunities are encouraged to apply to the NSF SURE Robotics Program.

Lab Alumni

Lab Member Degree Year Where they went next
Inseung Kang Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 2021  
Jonathan Camargo Ph.D. Robotics 2021  
Pooja Moolchandani M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Thesis) 2021 Technology & Analytics Consultant, KPMG
Jared Li M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Thesis) 2020 Mechanical Engineer, IHMC Robotics
Pratik Kunapuli M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering (Thesis) 2020 CIS PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania
Henry Luk M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2020  
Jeff (Hsiang) Hsu M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Thesis) 2019 Embedded Engineer, May Mobility
Trent Rankin M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering 2019 Software Engineer, Apple

Clinical collaborators

Name Affiliation
Geza Kogler, MSPO Georgia Institute of Technology
Lee Childers, PhD, CP, CO, CFI Center for the Intrepid, Brooke Army Medical Center
David Taylor, DPT Mercer University
Benjamin Rogozinski, DPT Emory University
Erin Eggebrecht, DPT, CHOA Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Rob Kistenberg, CP Georgia Institute of Technology

Research collaborators at Georgia Tech

Name Department
Greg Sawicki Mechanical Engineering and Biological Sciences
Ani Mazumdar Mechanical Engineering
Frank Hammond Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Jun Ueda Mechanical Engineering
Omer Inan Electrical and Computer Engineering
Michael Mayo Georgia Tech Research Institute
Court Bevins Georgia Tech Research Institute
Hong Yeo Mechanical Engineering
Jerry Qi Mechanical Engineering

Research collaborators outside of Georgia Tech

Name Affiliation
Aaron Ames California Institute of Technology
Elliott Rouse University of Michigan
Xiangrong Shen University of Alabama
Nick Fey University of Texas-Dallas
Eric Ambrose California Institute of Technology
Rachel Gehlhar California Institute of Technology