The Exoskeleton and Prosthetic Intelligent Controls (EPIC) Lab at Georgia Tech, led by Dr. Aaron Young, is devoted to the design and improvement of powered orthotic and prosthetic control systems. The EPIC lab has the ability to characterize robotic devices and controller implementation from the ground up, starting at fabrication and bench-top testing, to controller optimization, and ultimately, measuring the effects on human performance outcomes.

.@MEGeorgiaTech + @NUBouve Team with "Deep Learning Enables Exoboot Control to Augment Variable-Speed Walking" @ieee_ras_icra Wearable Robots and Interfaces Session May 26th https://events.infovaya.com/presentation?id=79297
#WearableTech #Robotics #AssistiveRobotics

The workshop is live! We’ve heard there’s some issues getting into InfoVaya this morning - if you’re having trouble getting in, DM us for the Zoom link! #ICRA2022 @ieee_ras_icra

We’re looking forward to a great lineup of talks, panels, and posters tomorrow at #ICRA2022! Don’t miss our workshop on Online Machine Learning-Based Control of Lower Limb Exoskeletons.

More info: https://www.epic.gatech.edu/icra2022/

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