The Exoskeleton and Prosthetic Intelligent Controls (EPIC) Lab at Georgia Tech, led by Dr. Aaron Young, is devoted to the design and improvement of powered orthotic and prosthetic control systems. The EPIC lab has the ability to characterize robotic devices and controller implementation from the ground up, starting at fabrication and bench-top testing, to controller optimization, and ultimately, measuring the effects on human performance outcomes.

Recently, two superstars, Heejoo Jin (mid) and Gayeon Choi (right), both presented their work at the #EMBC! I’m always amazed by how stellar our undergraduate students are @GeorgiaTech. @GT_EPIC_Lab, we constantly support young scientists to lead their own research.

Congratulations to Dr. Krishan Bhakta for successfully defending his dissertation!! @KrishanBhakta's work focused on improving intelligence of robotic transfemoral prostheses.



.@RobertDowneyJr here I come! Thrilled to try out the hip exosekeleton developed in the @GT_EPIC_Lab with Aaron Young, @dean_molinaro, and others! Thank you for letting me try it out!

I'm excited to announce that I'll be joining Northeastern in Jan 2022 as an Assistant Professor, with a joint appointment in Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, and Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. I can't wait to move to Boston and start this next phase!!

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