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A comprehensive, open-source dataset of lower limb biomechanics in multiple conditions of stairs, ramps, and level-ground ambulation and transitions

Provided here is an open-source biomechanics data set that includes various conditions spanning level-ground, ramp, and stair walking. Collected data includes force plates, lower body motion capture, goniometers, IMUs, and EMGs. Data is provided for 22 healthy participants.

OpenSim Open-Source Leg Models

Provided here is an open-source biomechanics model using OpenSim. The model can adjust to different pylon heights, incorporate mass & inertial properties, and provide 3D visualizations of the OSL prosthetic leg for both left and right sides.

Exoboot Gait Phase Estimation Model

Provided here is an open-source machine learning model for gait phase estimation using Dephy's exoboots.

Lower limb muscle activations and metabolics from walking at multiple speeds with various hip exoskeleton impedance-based assistance profiles

Provided here is an open-source dataset including electromyography (EMG) from 8 lower limb muscles, ground reaction force, and metabolics dataset that includes 31 hip exoskeleton assistance conditions while walking at 1.0, 1.3, and 1.6 m/s. This dataset has been used to predict optimal impedance assistance parameters across walking speeds and use EMG to predict metabolic cost during hip exoskeleton assistance.