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Joining the Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows

We currently have two openings for postdoctoral fellows in our lab.  The two postdoctoral fellows will work on an NIH R01 jointly with Dr. Greg Sawicki (Georgia Tech) and Dr. Trisha Kesar (Emory) on autonomous wearable robotic systems to enhance mobility post-stroke.  One position will focus more on engineering while the other will focus more on clinical evaluation.

If the links above do not work, you can also view the the postdoctoral openings using the directions below:

  • Visit the Georgia Tech Jobs website
  • Under “External Applicants”, click “Start Your Search”
  • Click “View All Jobs”
  • In the “Search Jobs” search bar…
    • Enter 266973 for the position focused on engineering
    • Enter 266986 for the position focused on clinical evaluation

Ph.D. Students

We typically take 1-3 new Ph.D. students each year, depending on open projects and funding in the lab.  If you are interested in pursuing your Ph.D. in the EPIC Lab, please apply to an applicable doctoral program at Georgia Tech.  Students in the lab typically come from the RoboticsMechanical Engineering, and Bioengineering Ph.D. programs. 

Prospective students who are interested in the lab are encouraged to look through the lab’s ongoing projects and identify which project areas best match their interests.  If you are interested in learning more about our lab and programs at Georgia Tech, feel free to reach out to our lab’s graduate students and/or Dr. Young.

M.S. Students

Thesis M.S. Students

In you are interested in pursuing an M.S. thesis in the EPIC Lab, please apply to a relevant Master’s program at Georgia Tech.  Previous M.S. students in the lab have come from the Mechanical EngineeringBiomedical EngineeringBioengineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering programs. Admitted M.S. students who are interested in doing a Master’s thesis in our lab should email Dr. Young.

Non-Thesis M.S. Students

Students who are interested in getting involved in our lab should directly contact the graduate mentor(s) of the team(s) that they are interested in or email Dr. Young.  You can find the team descriptions and graduate team leads on our People page.

Undergraduate Students

Spring/Summer/Fall Semester (Georgia Tech students)

There are several ways for undergraduates students to contribute to research in the EPIC Lab.  Georgia Tech undergraduates begin their work in the lab though the Georgia Tech Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program, which is typically how we recruit and involve undergraduate research assistants.  If you have not previously been involved in the lab, please apply to the Robotic Human Augmentation team on VIP.  We will reach out to applicants to learn about your interests and have you meet with different graduate students who have openings on their team that match your interests.

  • Spring semester: Begin reviewing applications in late October, review through start of semester if positions are available
  • Summer semester: Begin reviewing applications in late March, review through start of semester if positions are available
  • Fall semester: Begin reviewing applications in late March, review through start of semester if positions are available

Typically, students in our lab come from undergraduate programs in Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, or Computer Science, but Georgia Tech students from any undergraduate major are eligible to be involved.  We have no restrictions based on your academic year – in any given semester, we have first-year through last-semester students involved in the lab.  If you are interested in getting involved, it is always very helpful if you can bring one or more technical skills with you.  We typically looks for students with experience with one or more of the following: Matlab, Python, C/C++, LabView, mechatronics, mechanical design, machine learning, or embedded programming.

Some of our returning undergraduates receive fellowships to aid in their research through the Petit Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (1 year fellowship) and the President’s Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA; 1 semester fellowship).

Summer Undergraduates (Georgia Tech or external)

Undergraduates from Georgia Tech or other institutions who are interested in summer research opportunities are encouraged to apply to the Georgia Tech SURE Engineering Program.