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Biomechanics of locomotion during ground translation perturbations

Currently included in this data set

  • Whole-body angular momentum (WBAM)
    • Planes include frontal, sagittal, and transverse
    • Unnormalized and normalized (to height, weight, and walking speed)
  • Markers
    • Feet (medial/lateral ankle, heel, MT2, MT5, toe)
  • Step placement
    • Heel marker to heel marker continuous distance
    • Planes include frontal and sagittal

Data that will be added to this data set

We are currently in the process of validating and organizing the following data, which will eventually be incorporated into the existing data set.  If you have a more immediate desire to use any of the data below that has yet to be incorporated into the data set, please reach out to Jennifer Leestma (

  • Markers
    • Full body marker set
    • Platform marker set
  • Ground reaction forces
    • Raw ground reaction forces
    • Corrected ground reaction forces (inertial compensation and corrected center of pressure)
  • Inverse kinematics
    • Full body inverse kinematics
  • Inverse dynamics
    • Full body inverse dynamics
  • Muscle activations
    • Bilateral electromyography (EMG) data included for:
      • Tibialis anterior
      • Medial gastrocnemius
      • Adductor magnus
      • Tensor fasciae latae
      • Rectus femoris
      • Biceps femoris
      • Gluteus medius
      • Gluteus maximus