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We are looking forward to sharing some of our recent work at this year’s virtual American Society of Biomechanics conference! Information on where to find our research throughout the conference can be found below.



Balance and Falls-General
Jennifer LeestmaPosterSpatiotemporal recovery responses used to combat translational platform perturbations during walking


Bailey McLainPosterEMG-informed neuromusculoskeletal model for knee joint load estimation with a powered knee exoskeleton during incline walking
Kinsey HerrinPosterAn automatic human-in-the-loop tuning algorithm for a robotic ankle prosthesis depends on an understanding of gait quality
Krishan BhaktaPosterRestoring Functional Gait of Individuals with Transfemoral Amputation using a Powered Prosthesis
Jared LiPosterReduction of Trunk Extensor Muscle Activation using a Cable-Driven Back Exosuit
Jairo MaldonadoPosterUser- and speed-independent slope estimation for lower-extremity wearable devices
Jonathan CamargoPosterOpensource biomechanics for locomotion in stairs, ramps, and level-ground
Pooja MoolchandaniPosterEscape Motions for Real-World Scenarios: Kinematic & Kinetic Investigation of Rapid, Dynamic Movements
Wendy Nevarez-Sanchez &
Ben Shafer
PosterCan Muscle Activity Predict Energetically Optimal Step Frequency?



1:00-2:30pm EDT3 Minute Thesis Master’s Final Competition
Jared LiReduction of trunk extensor muscle activation using a cable-driven asymmetric back exosuit


11:00am-12:30pm EDTProsthetics/Orthotics/Robotics 1
Inseung KangA biomechanical analysis of adaptive assistance strategy for uphill walking using a powered hip exoskeleton
1:00pm-2:30pm EDTLocomotion 2
Keaton ScherpereelEstimating Knee Joint Load using Joint Acoustic Emissions


11:00am-12:30pm EDTProsthetics/Orthotics/Robotics 2
Dean MolinaroEstimating biological hip torque during overground ambulation: a machine learning approach
Dawit LeeReducing Human Energetics Using a Bilateral Knee Exoskeleton
Dr. Yi-Tsen (Amy) PanThe Biomechanical Effect of Bilateral Assistance for Hemiparetic Gait Poststroke Using a Powered Hip Exoskeleton
11:00am-12:30pm EDTSport Performance 2
Aakash BajpaiHuman Reaction and Movement Enhancement via Audial, Tactile, and Visual Perceptual Cues