Rapid Operator Awareness via Mobile Robotics (ROAMR)

Human-robot interaction in structured environments has been made incredibly safe over the past few years. In these cases, the environment is controlled to ensure human safety. However, many spaces such as disaster zones, construction sites, and more are unstructured. There is a need to develop scientific principles that ensure human safety in these environments as well. The ROAMR project (PI, Dr. Anirban Mazumdar, DART Lab and Co-PI, Dr. Aaron Young), proposes the use of wearable robotics to quickly alert the user to threats, recognize the user’s intent, and assist in agile movement to ensure the human user is safe.

Graduate Student Lab Members:

  • Aakash Bajpai
  • Inseung Kang
  • Pooja Moolchandani


  • Dr. Ani Mazumdar